• It has been said that behind every scar, there is an untold story of survival. Through Frederick Murphy’s documentary, The New South As We Know It, the suffering and oppression during slavery and the Jim Crow era that created these scars comes to life. It is Murphy’s passion for history, coupled with his years as a counselor, which brings this collection of voices to us and eloquently illustrates why they must be heard.
    Dr. Cindy J. KistenbergAssociate Professor of Communication and Theatre at Johnson C. Smith University
  • This documentary can serve as a valuable engine for research as it relates to African-American history. It expounds upon various aspects related to the struggles and greatness of those who lived in the south during such a polarizing time.
    Shirley Ball BrownFormer Director of Election in Warren County, NC
  • First person testimony is a precious commodity. History Before Us is vitally important because it provides a platform for preserving, honoring and sharing the stories of people who endured injustice and survived inequality. The people behind these voices in this documentary have shaped America in the last century. The American South As We Know It captures timely, personal stories - before it’s too late
    Will PedigoExecutive Producer at Nashville Public Television
  • This documentary was educational, inspirational and an eye opener to the harsh realities of those before us.
    Tyler WilliamsBlack Ink Monks
  • Reading about our country’s history is important, but hearing the stories of individuals who lived that history, in their own words, is truly powerful. The American South As We Know It is an important watch not just for those whose ancestors suffered through the emotional and physical traumas of slavery and Jim Crow, but also for those whose ancestors may have participated in inflicting those very traumas.
    Kate MoorePublic Historian
  • I am full of anticipation that this documentary will deliver honest, in-depth and compelling account s of African Americans who lived through a Jim Crow society and whose stories can best be elicited by a journalist who shares so many commonalities with them.
    Serina GilbertExecutive Director of Promise Land Heritage Association
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